7:00 PM19:00


THURSDAY, October 3 | 7PM

FEATURE FILM - The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open

Director Elle-Maija Tailfeathers, Kathleen Hepburn Starring Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Violet Nelson, Charlie Hannah, Barbara Eve Harris, Jay Cardinal Villeneuve

Director Elle-Maija Tailfeathers, Kathleen Hepburn
Starring Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Violet Nelson, Charlie Hannah, Barbara Eve Harris, Jay Cardinal Villeneuve



One woman’s decision to comfort a stranger she finds crying in the street leads to a revealing and powerful conversation between two Indigenous women from very different circumstances, in this poignant collaboration from Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Kathleen Hepburn.

 Inspired by a very real and transformative moment in the co-director Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers life, the story weaves an intricately complex, while at the same time very simple story of a chance encounter between two Indigenous women with drastically different lived experience, navigating the aftermath of domestic abuse.

SHORT FILM - Katatjatuuk Kangirsumi: Throat Singing In Kangirsuk
precedes feature 

Director Eva Kaukai, Manon Chamerland (Canada) Canadian Premiere

Director Eva Kaukai, Manon Chamerland
(Canada) Canadian Premiere



Eva and Manon practice the art of throat singing in their native arctic land, in the small village of
Kangirsuk inter-spliced with footage from the four seasons.



*Limited Seating

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6:00 PM18:00


Friday, October 4 | 6PM | 8PM

6pm | Shorts programme
8pm | Feature + short

*Only one ticket required for both programs but you must register for each screening to secure your spot as seating is limited


A collection of short films selected from across Canada

1. Girl in the Hallway – director Valerie Barnhart (Canada) In Competition | Durham Première

Why does Little Red Riding hood give Jamie nightmares? It’s been 15 years, and the girl in the
hallway haunts him still. This is a testament to locked doors. A lullaby sung by wolves with duct
tape and polaroids. Not all children make it out of the forest. Some stories children shouldn’t

2. Giltrude’s Dwelling – director Jeremy Lutter (Canada) In Competition | Ontario Première

Orphaned at the age of eleven, Giltrude, an interdimensional shut-in, has waited fifteen years
for her parents to come home. When a life or death dilemma comes knocking, Giltrude must
look beyond her front door and learn to face the outside universe. The film stars Kacey Rohl
(Hannibal, The Magicians) and Liam Hughes (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Flash)

3. Affannato – director Alexa Tremblay-Francoeur (Canada) Ontario Première

Living in surreal universe, Mathilde, a young girl who is studying the violin in a peculiar school, finds her everyday life changed when her hands fuse with her instrument. Panicking, she will attempt by all means to flee her classroom, get rid of her instrument and find an exit

4. Oracle – director Aaron Poole (Canada) In Competition | Durham Première

As home renovations surround a child, the chaos of construction and his parents’ preoccupation are internalized, precipitating a fever dream that catapults his consciousness into adult realms of obsession and dread.

5. I Am In The World As Free And Slender As A Deer On A Plain – director Sofia Banzhaf (Canada) In Competition | Durham Première

A young woman explores her autonomy, identity, and power through a series of dates in the age of social media.

6. Ice Breaker – director Sandi Rankaduwa (Canada) Ontario Première

Josh Crooks is a promising teen hockey star in a sport where Black players like him are chronically underrepresented. Ice Breakers reveals the buried history of a pioneering Black hockey league in Atlantic Canada, as Crooks discovers that his unshakable passion is tied to a rich and remarkable heritage.

7. Gun Killers – director Jason Young (Canada) Ontario Première

Written and directed by Jason Young (Animals, Inside Time), Gun Killers takes us into the rural, secluded paradise that retired blacksmiths John and Nancy Little call home. As the tranquil light of a typical day of harvesting vegetables descends into night, we experience the secret work that John and Nancy are sometimes called upon to undertake for the RCMP.

8. Foyer (Hearth) – director Sophie B Jacques (Canada) In Competition | Ontario Première

When Emillie returns home after renting her house to strangers, we witness what actually happened during her absence.



Director Heath Davis (Australia) Comedy | In Competition
Starring: Alan Dukes, Airlie Dodds, Susan Prior, Rhys Muldoon and Rose Riley


When it looks like his novel is going to be published, high school English teacher and once famous novelist–Nicholas Cutler-thinks his luck has finally changed. But what promises to be the best week of his life professionally spirals into seven days of hell personally. A pregnant girlfriend, a student in trouble with the law, a gravely ill brother in law and the prospects of living a life of unfilled dreams, force Mr. Cutler to re-examine just what’s most important in his life. A solid comedy from Australian indie filmmaker Heath Davis.

SHORT FILM - Tough Love
This short precedes the feature film

Director Nicholas Dragas (Canada) World Première

Director Nicholas Dragas (Canada) World Première


An aspiring writer attempts to create his romantic masterpiece, while struggling to accept a lack of passion in his own life.



*Limited Seating

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1:00 PM13:00


  • Durham College Centre for Collaborative Education, Global Classroom (map)
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Saturday, October 5 | 1PM | 3PM | 6PM

1pm - INTERNATIONAL Shorts Program
3pm - HOME GROWN Shorts Program
6pm - CLOSING NIGHT Screening and AWARDS

*One ticket price for all 3 events however YOU MUST REGISTER for each event you plan to attend as seating is limited

A collection of selected short films from around the world

Take Care – director Itamar Giladi (United States) - dialogue Spanish | In Competition | Canadian Première

Gabriel is a 19-year-old Mexican-American valet parking attendant who works at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles. When he finds out that his undocumented mother, Inez, needs medical care he tries to help her in any possible way. How far will Gabriel go in order to prove to his mother, and to himself, that he can take care of her?

The Original - director Michelle Garza Cervera (Mexico/U.K) – dialogue Spanish | Ontario Première

Alana is a woman struggling to keep her relationship alive as her partner suffers from a debilitating illness. A new medical procedure offers the answer to their prayers, but not without forcing her to make one last sacrifice.

The STAIN - director Shoresh Vakili (Iran) – Kurdish In Competition | Canadian Première

The old man of the cinema salon cleaner after the release of the movie takes care of the stain on the screen...

I Am the Doorway – director Simon Pearce (U.K) In Competition | Ontario Première

After a journey to investigate desolate Pluto, astronaut Arthur returns home a shattered man. He sees eyes forcing their way through the skin of his hands, eyes that distort his friends and the landscape itself into monstrous visions. Believing himself the doorway to alien invasion and gruesome murder, he must take desperate action. Based on the short story by Stephen King.

Lili (The Netherlands) - director Yfke van Berckelaer (United States) In Competition | Ontario Première

Lili knows she has to nail this audition. The Man she auditions for, knows this too. Thus, starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single-shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and female empowerment.

GUAXUMA - director Nara Normande (Brazil) – dialogue Portuguese In Competition | Durham Première

Tayra and I grew up on a beach in the north east of Brazil. We were inseparable. The sea breeze brings me back happy memories.

Nefta Football Club - director Yves Piat (France) – dialogue French In Competition

In the south of Tunisia, two football fan brothers bump into a donkey lost in the middle of the desert on the border of Algeria. Strangely, the animal wears headphones over its ears.

A collection of short films selected from Ontario

Convoy to Remembrance – director Colin Burwell (Canada) In Competition | World Première

The Ontario Regiment Museum is task with the challenge of presenting military history as it commemorate the 99th Remembrance Day at the Oshawa cenotaph.

From the Thunder – director Daniel Everitt-Lock (Canada) | World Première
We follow three Canadian scouts as they come across a lone German deserter looking for shelter from the impending storm. We share in the terrors of battle from both sides of the war and how these soldiers handle their shared trauma in very different ways...

Beneath Our Feet – director Samantha Tong (Canada)In Competition | World Première

A new housing development which falls within the boundaries of the Oak Ridges Moraine is heavily debated by local residents and will undoubtedly change the community forever.

By The Woods – director Nik Benn (Canada) World Première

A bounty hunter picks up the trail, in this retelling of the classic poem by Robert Frost.

Milk – director Samiramis Kia (Canada) Durham Première

In this family drama, a Russian immigrant couple do all they can to provide help to their daughter while facing their differences.

Contributions – director Bren Patrick Burke (Canada)

Marc finds himself unwittingly caught up in a maelstrom of gender politics and family conflict while seeking companionship in downtown Ottawa.

Engaged to be Engaged – director Joseph Covello (Canada) In Competition | Durham Première

On the brink of proposing, a hopeless romantic confronts her true fears and insecurities as she imagines all the ways it could backfire. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is facing a similar predicament.

Do Turtles Swim in Maple Syrup? – director Paul-Daniel Torres (Canada) In Competition | World Première

Robbed of a chance for a better life by a racist thug. Latin-Canadian teen Tony Tenorio is sent on a journey where he must decide between succumbing to racial stereotypes or fight to become more.

Not Dead Yet – director Abraam Dawood (Canada) In Competition | World Première

After a bad drug trip, a young man dive into a pep talk with his conscience.

Housekreeping – director Kyle Dunbar (Canada) World Première

It’s the off season and Meg works the extra hours at the resort. Unbeknownst to her, a menace lurks, and they too are getting paid by the hour.

Festival Close Shorts Programme, Award Presentation and Reception | 6pm
Join us for a 1 hour shorts program followed by festival award presentations and reception


Stroke of Luck – director Cameron Barry (Canada) In Competition | World Première

It’s the biggest flyball tournament in North America, but a sudden stroke stops everything. Follow Michelle and her team as they recall when their beloved community came together to save her.

Tungrus – director Rishi Chandna (India) Durham Première

Tungrus (pronounced: toongroos) is a short documentary that observes a week in the peculiar lives of a middle-class suburban Mumbai household. What was once a home like a million others in the city, turns topsy-turvy when the eccentric patriarch brings home a baby chick for his cats to play with, much to the exasperation of his family. What follows is an alternatingly absurd, nerve-jangling and heart-warming set of accounts about the latest addition, from each member of the household.

Biskawbiyung: The Return - director Sage Petahtegoose (Canada) Durham Première

Through the eyes of Anishinaabe/Indigenous community members, the importance of identity is of clear impor-tance. We have a look at Nick Deleary and his long-time work as a helper to communities seeking their cultural and ceremonial artefacts back from museums and archives.

Nursery Rhymes - director Tom Noakes (Australia) Durham Première

On the side of a rural highway, a bizarre encounter with a Metalhead takes a profound turn.


Gather in the foyer of Durham College’s Centre for Collaborative Education as DRIFF 2019 awards are presented to filmmakers in competition. 4 cash prizes to be announced. Complimentary Finger foods and cash bar available.



*Limited Seating

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