About us

Our Story

DRIFF is a local non-profit dedicated to promoting arts, culture and community in the region. The festival not only showcases great films, but puts an emphasis on community involvement. We bring carefully selected films and filmmakers into the spotlight at our annual event.

Taking full advantage of Durham’s cultural landscape, a collection of short films, documentaries and features screen across the region in unique cultural and educational venues.

DRIFF collaborates with G.L. Roberts C.V.I. to bring an exclusive program of films catered to the high school student population so they can take part in the cinematic experience. These screenings are open to schools in the DDSB.

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Our Mission

The goal of the DRIFF is to champion filmmakers to contribute to local, national, and international film landscapes. We're dedicated to supporting contemporary and critical films that encourage important dialogue. 

We aim to inspire filmmakers, movie buffs and the curious-minded with line-ups of creative and extraordinary stories.

As DRIFF continues to become an integral part of the local and international film culture. We aim to create experiences that bring people together through the art of cinema, and foster a more vibrant film community.

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