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St Francis Centre | Screenings

  • St. Francis Centre 78 Churst St. S Ajax, ON Canada (map)

Catch the DRIFF in Ajax for the last day of the week-long film festival. Enjoy the vintage atmosphere in this renovated church as you watch a variety of hand-picked films.

FILM SCREENINGS | 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Bosniak | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Kejd Kuqo | 15:00 mins | Student Film
A young girl is forced to the limits of her humanity in order to survive the Bosnian War.

Little Chicken | Montreal,QC | Directed By: Nicolas Legendre | 07:30 mins | Short Film
After a big day of work at the factory, Jason is practicing for his "rap battle" of tomorrow, under the scrutiny of his colleague Max. He will have to learn to confront all kinds of opponents. Even those who have nothing to lose.

What About Shelley | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Kyle Reaume | 13:16 mins | Short Film
Billy and Shelley are best friends, but their friendship is greatly tested when Shelley's boyfriend, Adam, secretly comes out to Billy - the only other gay man he knows.

Walking Supply | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Derek Barnes | 25:00 mins | Short Film
After escaping a soviet labour camp, three men struggle to survive in the barren landscapes of Siberia. The harrowing trek soon becomes a living nightmare for Yuri when he discovers that his fellow escapees Oleg and Alexei plan to murder him for food. Inspired by true events 'Walking Supply' chronicles the dark journey of three men as they are pushed to their absolute limits. How far would you go to get home?

The Hag | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Julian Zakrzewski | 09:00 mins | Short Film
It seems like an ordinary night when Emily turns out the lights in her apartment, little does she know that her night would become a living nightmare. In the early hours of the morning, her apartment is haunted by a demonic presence in the form of a bent old hag. Emily soon discovers that the Hag’s intentions are threatening and is forced into a state of ultimate survival.

Honeymoon | Lausanne, Switzerland | Directed By: Anaëlle Morf | 03:46 mins | Short Film
A man and a woman meet in a bar for the first time.

Dolly and the Moondogs | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Ashley Boyle | 10:07 mins | Student Film
Longing for a life more exciting that what she is living now, Dolly reluctantly agrees to see The Moondogs in concert with her best friend, Ivy. After cozying up with the bands lead singer, Winnie, and unfortunate turn of events forces Dolly to reveal a terrifying truth about herself.

The Beast Underneath | Lausanne, Switzerland | Directed By: Anaëlle Morf | 13:25 mins | Comedy Short FIlm
On the 27th of February 2016, in the city of La Baie, Quebec, the famous fisherman Marc Gagnon discovered a new species of halibut that could reach several meters. Because the man is always looking for controlling the nature. How far his megalomania is going to take him?

Salmonella | Toronto,ON  | Directed By: Michele DesLauriers | 13:44 mins | Short Film
An agoraphobic woman, Penny, must face her crippling anxiety when her narrating cat, Salmonella, runs away in the hopes of getting Penny outside.

Saudade | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Alexander Granger | 18:37 mins | Short Film
Grief and memory intertwine in a fragmented exploration of a filmmakers addictive past.

Go To Hell! | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Julie Baldassi | 07:20 mins | Short Film
GO TO HELL! follows the triplet Leibowitz brothers as they return to their childhood home after the death of their parents. Angus, Berkley, and Calvin reminisce over their former childhood glory, despite their ongoing, daily embarrassment at the fact that they never fulfilled their potential. Now in a constant state of banal mediocrity, the brothers decide that the only way out is to burn any trace that they ever existed.

Retox | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Elana Emer | 03:32 mins | Student Film
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

Okay | North York, ON | Directed By: Katerina Zoumboulakis | 15:11 mins | Comedy Short Film
After being fired from her job because of her depression, Athena embarks on a journey to cure her sadness.

Love Stinks | Brampton,ON | Directed By: Alicia Harris | 12:04 mins | Student Film
Jay is a headstrong 13-year-old girl who, along with her two best friends, acquires a Playgirl magazine. She declares that if they look at it, it will magically kick-start their entry into womanhood. Set in the 80's, it's a film about girlhood, growing up and the importance of friendship.

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