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Screenings | Docville Wild West Movie Set

  • Docville 816 Regional Rd 17 Newcastle, ON L1B 1L9 Canada (map)

Explore Docville's Wild West Movie set in Newcastle!

Grab your fun-loving friends and family members, and drive to Newcastle to participate in film-based activities you just won’t find anywhere else. The Durham Region International Film Festival is taking over Docville's Wild West movie set for a day!  Anyone who wants to be on camera for our movie-in-a-day can play a role, then watch the magic unfold as a team of editors stitch the shots together. View the final cut at the end of the day! DRIFF official film selections screen inside the barn throughout the afternoon. Enjoy fare from the food trucks and check out DRIFF's film gear demonstrations. Don't miss this unique day of programming for all ages!

FILM SCREENINGS | 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Asteroid | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Kristina Mileska | 11:00 mins | Short Film
A young girl's fantasy adventure with her grandfather allows her to come to terms with his illness.

Polis Nea | Bari, Italy | Directed By: Pierluigi Ferrandini | 16:24 mins | Comedy Short Film
2037, Polineano, Ex- Polignano a Mare, a southern Italian gem. Most of its population now is foreign, so that English is the spoken language there. One day, an elderly apulian man, seriously affected by Alzheimer’s disease, comes to a beautiful house in the old town, owned now by a British family, followed by his very young nephew.

Lake Ourentironk | Anderson, SC USA | Directed By: David Donar | 02:30 mins | Animation Short Film
Lake Ouentironk, Huron Wyandot for ‘Beautiful Waters’, or Lake Simcoe as it is know today, is a large fresh water lake north of Toronto, Ontario. This film explores the lake in it’s natural habitat before Samuel de Champlain visited the area over 400 years ago. 

Hearing Films | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Arsen Martyrosian | 07:40 mins | Student Film
A story of visually impaired film enthusiast Joe Sidarose, that questions the perception of film as a visual medium and exposes the way descriptive cinema influences audience.

The Date | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Adrien Yiptong | 08:50 mins | Student Film
With their first date coming to a close, Zoe offers to play a game with Alex. Swept into a whimsical story, the two learn more about each other than they bargained for, altering their views on relationships and life.

Feathers | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Hands On Deck | 06:01 mins | Animation Short Film
Mother and daughter must learn to cope with with an unusual change.

Alien Ramen | Oshawa, ON | Directed By: Cassäundra Sloan | 10:41 mins | Short Film
Inspired by the 80's classic childhood "Stand By Me" and "The Goonies" vibe, Alien Ramen tells the story of four kids who sneak into an abandoned barn, convinced that there is an alien living inside.

Tidal Waves | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Kristina Wong | 09:04 mins | Short Film
Tidal Waves is a short film about a young dancer’s struggle with scoliosis. After undergoing a surgery to correct her spine, Riley - a once triumphant and passionate dancer must now come to terms with the fact that she can no longer dance. Now in recovery, her realistic mother tries to steer her in a different direction while her compassionate doctor enrolls her in water therapy to help relieve the pain of both physically and mentally.

Bramptons Batman | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Sultan Ridwan | 12:10 mins | Documentary Short Film
Brampton's Batman tells the story of his origins, the peculiarities of his every day life, and his dedication to the smiles and safety of Brampton.

Armoured Time Machines | Oshawa, ON | Directed By: Carla Sinclair | 11:04 mins | Documentary Short Film
25 years after the Gulf War, Al Duffy reunites veterans with the very same tanks they fought the war in. Al had each tank restored to their original state so when the veterans saw the vehicles again in Oshawa, Ontario, it was like they went back in time.

Strings | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Sarah Stefanon, Melissa Gabric & Jacquelyn Meadows| 02:58 mins | Animation Short Film
Sometimes when the restraints of every day life can become too much to bear, we must break free. In ‘Strings’, Mary-Annette, a brave puppet, rebels against her Puppeteer, taking her strings into her own hands.

Roadkill | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Aaron Fauteux | 17:00 mins | Student Film
Two roadkill removers, Oscar and Todd, come across what may or not be an alien on the side of the road in rural Ontario.

The Space Between Us | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Nick White | 12:40 mins | Student Film
As astronaut Kate sets off on her first solo voyage into deep space, the effects of isolation and disconnect from home take their toll on her, leading her and mission control to question her sanity.

The Discovery | Brampton, ON | Directed By: Kate Allsebrook | 04:01 mins | Student Film
When a rover is sent to mars, he discovers something unexpected. He soon wonders if telling the humans is really the best idea.

Pyaaz (Onions) | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Shant Joshi  | 09:00 mins | Student Film
Aryan just moved to Canada and he misses his friends. So while his Mother is in the middle of a frenzy to figure out how to navigate the country, Aryan tries to Skype in to a party filled with his friends back home.

Fix and Release | Toronto, ON |Directed By: Scott Dobson | 15:43 mins | Documentary Short Film
Fix and Release explores a small turtle trauma centre in Peterborough Ontario Canada as it fights to even the odds for survival that freshwater turtles face in a modern world. This visually beautiful film shows turtles in a way that few have seen before.

Alkonost | Oakville, ON | Directed By: Victoria Aldis, Irin Byun, Mike Chen, Sujin Kim,  Seung-Ju Lee, Victoria Mietus, Anastasiia Platoshyna & Grace Yoo | 05:28 mins | Student Film
"Alkonost: the bird of joy and sorrow" is a story of a mother losing her unborn child. She goes through stages of grief until she finally comes to terms with her inner turmoil, and forever cherishes the memory of her child.

Handmade Film | Toronto,ON | Directed By: Christina Ienna | 04:51 mins | Documentary Short Film
Handmade film is a rarely practiced craft in today's film industry. Lindsay McIntyre spends three days making the film emulsion she shoots on than develops herself.


Future Docs | Ajax, ON | Directed By: Andrew Morel | 16:06 mins | Student Film
A film crew covers the morning of a normal college student with absolutely nothing special about him.

Tanabata | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Annie Amaya | 02:35 mins | Animation Short
Bases on the Japanese legend, Tanabata, two star-crossed lovers unite once a year on July 7th.

Tessellation | Carolina, Puerto Rico USA | Directed By: Julián Garnik | 07:10 mins | Student Film
Saul struggles to fit in a world where people are detached from each other and mindlessly hypnotized by technology, until he meets Luna, a mysterious, charming woman. Together they dive into the strange realm of love, chasing each other through dreams and forming their own reality.

RMG 50 | Oshawa, ON | Directed By: Carla Sinclair | 10:23 mins | Documentary Short
RMG 50 celebrates fifty years of The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. Learn how the gallery was started, Painters 11, and how the gallery stays on the current with its modern programming.

TED | Pickering, ON | Directed By: Meagan Webb | 15:41 mins | Student Film
A young Canadian filmmaker travels back to the place of her birth, Trinidad, in hopes to find out about her late grandfather.

After Life on Earth | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Callahan Bracken | 02:18 mins | Student Film
A man finds himself abandoned on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where he must find the fastest way to evacuate.

Kessler Syndrome | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Scott Dion Brown | 18:37 mins | Short Film
Astronaut Jack Harrison attempts to navigate a dense debris field that stands between him and survival, while also starting to put together the horrifying truth of what his future holds. The film explores the idea of what it means to be human in a world reliant on technology and automation, and whether human emotions of love and loneliness can transcend time and space.

The Arctic Circus | London, ON | Directed By: Connor Johnstone | 23:00 mins | Documentary Short Film
The Arctic Circus is a film that investigates the controversial tourism industry of Churchill, Manitoba. Billed as the 'polar bear capital of the world', Churchill has become a veritable media frenzy caught between the intersection of economy and environmentalism.

Zero mm | Baghdad, Iraq | Directed By: Semaa Samir | 07:57 mins | Student Film
Zero mm explore the struggles and lives of homeless children who live in a car park.

Ravi | Toronto, ON | Directed By: Andrew Ahmed | 12:34 mins | Short Film
A young pickpocket seeks retribution for the death of his brother.

Fireplace | Washington, DC USA | Directed By: Muhammad Bayazid & Samah Safi Bayazid  | 11:42 mins | Short Film
It is Christmas Eve in Syria, a small kid plays hide and seek with his dad and he picks the most unexpected place to hide in; the fireplace. Within few seconds a jet fighter bombards their house to the ground. The fireplace stands still, however the small kid finds himself trapped alone. Inspired by true events.

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